You need to move something from point A to B

You can count on us to take care of everything in between

We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs:


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Customs Clearance
Order Fulfillment — Last Mile Delivery
Inventory & Warehouse Management Systems
Value-Added Services
Reverse Logistics
Track & Trace


General Sales Agents

Cargo Management Facility



For your odd-size cargo with delivery dateline, we can source suitable aircraft to enable timely arrival at destinations. We have available aircrafts with payload of 5 to 120 tons.


With our expertise in project management and risk management,
our experienced team can help you with all types of
valuable cargo, odd-sized cargo and over-weight cargo.

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We have a team of experienced personnel who literally hand-carry your urgent parcel to any part of the world, up to the doorstep of your consignee.
This means safe and prompt arrival of your ‘time critical shipments'.

Various industries from Hi-Tech Companies, Fashion Brands to Automotive Companies and Overseas Third Party Agents trust us to deliver.

We are able to offer you a choice of carriers with secured capacities.

Warehouse Management System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP is designed to facilitate data interchange
across business functions and chart process-driven
work methods in all operations.

• Air/Sea Freight Management
• Warehouse & Distribution • Vendor & Supplier Management
• Finance management • HRM • CRM

This translates to real-time visibility, data accuracy and
faster response time for our customers.

Why Us

Scalability & Delivery Expertise

Speed and Reliability

Customised Solutions

Who We Serve

Our clients come from various industry sectors such as high-tech electronics, high-value equipments, and consumer goods amongst many others.

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